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The Gardens


花园发展的主要人物和第一个担任Custos Hortulorum是安妮·罗杰斯(Annie Rogers)的名字,她在1937年去世前一直负责花园的照料. 目前担任这一职位的是珍妮·格林教授.

主露台位于朝南的位置,是嫩灌木如大灌木的理想生长位置 Punica (pomegranate). 草本植物的边界也从中受益,并在过去几年里进行了广泛的翻新.

MGA边界最初由Jane Fearnley-Whittingstall设计,最近增加了一个水景来赞美该地区.

学院有幸拥有大量成熟而稀有的树木,其中许多是由John Iles博士种植的, another of the gardens’ previous Custos Hortulorum. New and unusual additions have been Pseudopanax crassifolius, Broussonetia papyrifera, and Sassaffras trees. The Magnolia soulangeana is the crown jewel of the collection and sits in pride of place in the middle of main lawn; it was originally planted to commemorate the armistice and is now over 100 years old.

在学院西部,园艺部拆除草坪,种植野花草甸种子,有利于学院的生物多样性和传粉者. 学院的园丁们正在努力在整个场地实施有机和可持续的实践.

The Gardening Team View through Magnolia Tree to Main Building Croquet Lawn Slate Spherical Water Feature Bluebells Wild Flower meadow Magnolia Tree Howard Piper Library exterior in the snow Wooded area in gardens in the snow Squirrel in tree in the snow Magnolia tree in the snow View over snow covered trees College gardens in the snow

Head Gardner, Edward Reid and Custos Hortulorum, 珍妮·格林教授最近接受了皇冠体育下载皇冠体育下载的一位学生的采访,他们谈到了花园的历史和未来的计划. To watch the interview please click on link below.

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